Sunday, March 01, 2009

Baby Basket O' Love

We got sumthin' in zah mail on Friday, postmarked from Ogden, Ootah ~

An adorable basket of baby stuffs for our lil' sweet pea sent to us from the angel boy-O's mommie's family! Yup, I think they love us ~ Check it out:

I know one person who uses these "Tiny Diner" portable placemats and she loves 'em...but I primarily fell in love with the product's name, Tiny Diner!?! Isn't that just too freakin' cute! Plus, it absolutely sings to the nerd in me with its suction cups and the food drop catch, and the fact that it rolls up into itself for easy, compact storing. (Yes, I'm a nerd.)
There's also a KidCo Food Mill for grinding up food nibbles for the baby, and it comes with a handy storage case we'll use when we eat out. It will be wonderful to have!

And this will be great stuff to prevent chaffing, along with the travel set of Burt's Bees baby products!
And these? These just kill me! Made of Merino wool, hand-knit by aunt Debbie, and it's her first pair of baby booties, ever! Excellent job ~ Well done! They are ridiculously darling, are the not!?
It's a crime, how cute these are!
Here's the pair of lovingly hand-knit items (yes, they were inadvertently laid out on the Tiny Diner placemat - I'd opened that the very first, and had saved the booties for when my honey-man came home):
This freakishly cute baby hat is made of "Tonks" yarn from the "Harry Potter" line of yarn. Yes, the Harry Potter franchise has even secured its hold in the world of knitting! Aunt Brenda had begun knitting this lil' disgustingly cute creation just before New Years, and she had it half way done before we left.
And seen in the background of this picture (above) is a 12-pack of Gerber cloth diapers, aka "spit rags," according to Kel and Deb. They're to be used for the clean up of bottle dribbles and baby spit up and baby tears and baby drool, and to be laid flat across the crib sheets beneath the baby's sleeping head for the easy clean up of middle-of-the-night spit up, to help avoid daily crib sheet changes. Brilliant!

Thank you all for the sweet, thoughtful items, and for your love and enthusiasm for this lil' one's entrance into our world.

Oh, and P.S. Otis and Owen both love the enormous box the basket was shipped in. They thank you all as well!


mommybake said...

That basket of baby stuff is SO COOL!!! Guess what!?! We aren't telling people really yet - BUT, #5 is on the way!! JUST found out - so I have FOREVER to go:)!!

Amanda said...

Yay for tiny knitted things! My mommy is so talented :)

A warning about spit rags: We held on to ours with a passion! They became the comfort blankets. They're so sad when they get all holey...but easily replaced :)