Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Darling, Most Precious, Priceless Work of Art!

My sister cut and pieced this precious creation together, and then my step-mum had it long-arm quilted and she did the binding by hand, and perfectly so.

Isn't it absolutely priceless?Otis loves it as well.
The long-arm pattern is adorable!
It's so gorgeous, it'll be hard to let her use it! Maybe after her early spit-up phase has phased out...


San said...

Just wow.

Can she teach me how to do this? I want to make something like this for my sister's baby!!

Susie said...

That's the best baby quilt I've ever seen. It'll become even more precious if she drags it around with her, poops on it a couple of times. But if you really can't bear that, you could hang it on the wall. Lucky baby. Can't wait to see her!