Friday, March 06, 2009

"Little Baby," my Butt!

Soooo, I just got back from an appointment with the perinatal and our latest round of fetal monitoring.

The sonogram was first and then my perinatal came in to look as well. He looked at my numbers and chuckled as he said, "I don't think she knows she's a 2-cord vessel baby."

Yup, those 2 instead of the usual three? They haven't hindered our lil' baby sweet potato at all! Her latest weight estimate is SEVEN n' A HALF POUNDS!?! So much for "She'll be a little baby, probably 5-6 lbs is all." So yeah, she's doing rather well! YAY! By the time her due date rolls around (12 days left!), the guess is she'll be at least 8 lbs, if not 8 n' a half (ekk!)

Her tinsy lil' humerus measures 6.5 cm right now, and dammit, I can't remember her femur's measurement! And her fluid level is at 10 - - it was 10.78 this past Monday, but '10' is perfectly good.

I see my OB at 4pm, today, and we'll find out then if I've dilated at all past a mere fingertip -- fingers crossed! - ha! Of course, even if I am at, say, 2 cm, it won't mean a thing really. She could come tonight or 10 days past her due date. We'll have no idea. I'm just so thrilled she's doing so well - - and she's so big! Good girl!

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