Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beware: Total Baby Bunny Cuteness Coming

When we got home late last night from a FANTASTIC dinner at Hank's with my father in town, we'd received a FedEx from Ogden, UT... and oh my, when I saw all the pink ribbon atop the box inside, I knew to brace myself for total girlie cuteness galore!

I introduce to you, Bunnies by the Bay!

This hat is my favorite of the bunch!
(I'm a sucker for hats, especially BABY hats)
And sitting beside the hat here, two "wrist rattles" - - check those out!? The 'Sweet Pea' pod? and the lil' duckie holding the pink daisy flower? - - disgustingly cute, or what?
And this?! I can see her with it now, clutched in her lil' baby hand and baby drooly soaked, dragging it along the carpet as she struggles to crawl up the stairs...
This one should be illegal
The applique detail...
Our lil' baby girl will be a living, breathing 'Bunnies by the Bay' spokesmodel!
Thank you so much, Brenda! It's all darling! and sooo sweet!

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