Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Past Due" or "Baby Haven"

Alrighty ~ Sooo, apparently our baby sweet potato girl apparently doesn't know she was due to join our family YESTERDAY!?

Yeah. Sooo, here I sit taking a break from work while working from home, still preggers... I'm trying to be patient, yes. Luckily, we do have plenty to to keep us prewhile we wait! This morning I couldn't sleep past 6am, so I got up and took pictures! of the baby's room! Check it!

What you can see from the top of our stairs:
The glider chair! Recovered! Like it? I love it!!!
I picked these up in '97 from Deseret Industries in Provo, UT. They've been in storage for over 10 years now, just waiting to don the walls of a baby nursery.
The frames had been a plain brown washed wood.. and I chose to refresh 'em with this variant blue and green mix.
And here's the cubby shelf! All loaded!
The left top-most cubby has this lil' turn table loaded with baby products.
The hot pink cubby is ALL Zero to 3 Month sized ONESIES!!
I am not kidding.
The bookshelf! The rainbow shaped pillow at the top was made by my Grammie Joanie and was once in MY baby room.
Here's her crib...
This framed poster is from 1992 - - I scored it from a read-a-thon library event in Cedar Rapids when I was in high school and I thought it'd be perfect for a child's room. See now? See how long I've been waiting for this lil' bambina to arrive in my life?!?
I'm going to hang this at head of her crib, so she can stare at it all she wants.
This lil' yellow checked seersucker toy sling will be handy...
Already has some cute stuffed animals in it waiting for her!
I have some other art pieces and frames that we haven't yet finished, along with a shelf I painted that will sit above her diaper changing table... Will post those eventually.


Jen said...

I'm so happy for you that you made it to overdue!! Wasn't there a worry that she would come too early? Hang in there the end is very near!!!

danielle said...

Hi Angie,
I don't usually comment, i'm bad at that C: I'm super excited for you! reading your blog lately has brought back memories of when I was so eagerly waiting for my oldest Lexi to arrive (she was a week over due. Longest week of my life) You are so talented and her room is to die for. So CUTE! I wish you the best of luck. Hope everything goes smoothly. Enjoy every moment it's truly magical C: