Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eviction Notice: 24 Hours to Vacate!

From this moment forward, our lil' baby sweet potato girl has only 24 hours to vacate her current accommodations before she's to be abruptly evicted. Mind you, I don't think she seems to be all that concerned - - she's apparently in no rush to make her own arrival.

Yup, 24 hours from now, we'll have ourselves our baby girl!

Words cannot possibly convey the excitement I'm feeling - - nor the overwhelming gratitude I feel. The way things had begun for us and this lil' one-to-be, we weren't ever expecting her to make it this far... In the beginning, we were actually told she wasn't going to make it... and here we are!? Nine months and nearly 8 days later, she's about to make her grand entrance into the world! --into our lives! And no mere 5 or 6 pounds as had been the prediction, but possibly 8 lbs or more?!? Wow. And all that hair on her head that we've seen in the all the sonograms... and such a strong, healthy heart!!! Wow.

*contented sigh* Tomorrow is gunna change my life forever and I couldn't be more eager for it.

Wish us luck! And thank you to everyone for their sincere well wishes and high hopes for us and our baby girl! All the heartfelt support and love has been just tremendous over that last several months!
Thank you again and again ~

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Amanda said...

We love you! Hope all goes well today!

Amanda & Brian