Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Preparing for Zee Baybee Girlie-Girl

Here's what I've done over the last 3-4 weeks' time to prepare for our baby girl's arrival... WARNING: I did not type this list merely for a blog post; it was already typed up and I've just added some details... because I am THAT neurotic.

Rewrite Lamaze class and birthing class notes.

Type up and print 2 copies of a list of all the phone numbers for those we plan to call from the hospital.

Create and test out a 12-hour long iPod playlist for the hospital.

Charged a bunch of rechargeable batteries for the digicam, iPod boombox, and camcorder.

Pack hospital bag: Cell phone chargers (his and hers), OB records in an envelope, my laminated info. sheets for drug options, phase positions, breathing, and labor stages, one notebook, 2 pens, our phone numbers list, Travel Scrabble (my mum played Scrabble while in labor with me), iPod and portable iPod boombox with cord and D batteries, a digicam with extra batteries and an extra storage card, package of Jolly Ranchers sweet-sour suckers, lip balm at the ready, cornstarch powder for back rubs, tingling minty lotion for foot rubs, swim trunks for my honey-man so he can join me in the shower or a bath for warm soaks to relieve back pain, snack foods for my honey-man, our toiletries bags, my make-up case,slippers, 2 pairs of thick socks, a nightgown with button-down front for easy nursing access, 2 nursing bras and handful of nursing pads [SIDE NOTE: I was told the hospital could stock me with enough nursing products for months' time, buhht I'd rather be safe rather than sorry when it comes to leaking!], 2 pairs of 'post-maternity' underwear (and oh, aren't those sooo attractive!? - ekk!), an outfit for leaving the hospital, and baby's take-home outfit.

Buy and wrap some lil' gifts for the angel boy-O to be given to him from his baby sister. [SIDE NOTE: He doesn't read this, so this here won't be giving anything away: I got him two swim noodles for the pool and a big bottle of blowing bubbles for him to eventually use to entertain his little sister!]

Finish reupholstering the blasted kitchen chairs.

Finish the glider chair cushions.

Choose and buy ribbon for the baby's drapes and three small frames to be hung in the baby's room.

Paint four canvas artwork pieces (still haven't finished the owl) for the baby's room.

Paint three small frames for " " .

Paint the frames of two embroidery pieces for " " .

Paint and hang a wall shelf for " " .

Dig out the baby books we have in storage for " " .

Dig out the old baby items I have from my own babyhood for " " .

Hang the window tint in " " .

Finish sewing the backdrop drapes (I still need to hem and hang) for " " .

Score some canary yellow frame matting for the three framed art pieces that once hung in my childhood bedroom, to now be hung in our baby's room.

Doctor a diaper changing pad to fit the changing table-dresser combo we have from when the angel boy-O was a babe.... as we discovered all diaper changing pads measure 32" these days, and the changing table we have measures 27" long. Got it done, but what a makeshift hackjob - - lots of duct tape involved!

Sew the binding on the tricot baby quilt before my Grams gets here and gets after me again for not having done it months ago.

Launder the rest of the baby's clothing and blankets, etc.

Launder all the floor and bathroom rugs.

Clean all the bathrooms from floor to ceiling.

Clean out and reorganize the pantry.

Clean out and reorganize the laundry room.

Stock our kitty-care supplies: 40 lb bag of cat food, 2 boxes of litter, 3 tubes of hairball remedy, one container of treats.

Stock household products: Vitamins, family toiletries, TP, tissues, paper towels, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, laundry products.

Stock the freezer: Extra loaves of the breads we prefer, frozen dinners and pizza, prepared meals, containers of homemade chili, chicken breasts, juice, ice cream, margarine and butter.

Stock the fridge and pantry: - - I've 'stocked' the fridge twice now, two weeks ago and again this past Friday.

Clean the patio and chairs and reorganize all my potting/gardening supplies.

Replant the roses, mint, and sedum plants in the backyard (I'm 1/2 way done with this).

Design the baby's birth announcement.

Thank you notes for baby gifts received (although we're really waiting for the angel boy-O's arrival for his spring break, cuz he wants to help us with 'em!).

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Amanda said...

Angie, you are incredible! How all of that didn't send you into labor I will never know. Maybe you should try reading it again!

Good luck! We are sending all our happy (if slightly impatient) thoughts your way!