Monday, November 24, 2008

Written July 15th... Before the Word (Preggers!) was Out!

This post won't be published for a couple months or more, but I gotta write about this right now: I'M PREGGERS! We found out last weekend... I'm probably no more than 4 weeks along, but we won't really now that for sure until I have my first ob consult. But in the last 2 weeks, man oh man, my body has already undergone some noticeable changes: #1) No morning sickness yet (knock on wood!), but either early morning when I wake up or late at night, just before bed, OR BOTH, if I don't eat something fast, be it a glass of milk or a handful of crackers, I find myself quite queasy, heavily salivating, wanting to throw up. #2) Strong, odoriferous smells make me wanna vomit... onions, garlic, coffee, mint (like gum or toothpaste), peanut butter, fish, anything burnt, cigarette smoke = all of it, absolutely disgusting right now, but eggs? Eggs are fine, no problem. I love eggs. #3) I generally have this very 'full' feeling in my stomach that deters me from eating = I have NO appetite. #4) I am a nuclear reactor at night - - the heat radiating from my body can be felt by my honey-man from 9-10 inches away.

And lastly, for those who just really want to know about this one [heavy sarcasm applied, but really, I can't not include this one, as it was my first indication that sumthin' was up]: #5) DO NOT TOUCH MY BOOBS! Don't even look at them! They are painfully sensitive. If I could avoid showering, I'd have gone the last entire week without bathing. And if I could avoid the touch of clothing upon them, I'd be shirtless, 24/7!

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