Friday, November 14, 2008

Movin'round zah Tum-Tum

I can't believe I didn't write about this first part at least the very next day after it'd happened?!?

Well, so Tuesday night, October 21st, we were on the couch together, watching some DVD. [SIDE NOTE: If I remember correctly, this was another one of those evenings together, where I was bein' the good sport, watching some ridiculously strange flick my honey-man had to watch for his work.] I was actually sitting right beside my honey-man in a cobbler's pose position. I could really feel our wee babe moving around in there, and I'd put my left hand on my lower tummy to see if I could feel her with my hand. My honey-man, seeing my well-placed hand, he asked if I could feel her, then placing his own left hand alongside mine. Absentmindedly, I told him he probably wouldn't be able to feel her, but he kept his hand in place, and we continued watching the movie, whatever it was. Not even a minute later, we both simultaneously exclaimed aloud, stunned and wide-eyed, "OHH!", both of us having felt the baby with our hands on my tummy. It was an utterly fantastic moment!

And now, almost a month later, I can really feel her movin' around in there! Sometimes I wonder what the heck she's doing!? Most movements feel like a rolling or bumping motion - - no sharp jabs yet, as she's too little for that (thus far). Sometimes it feels like she must be either dancin' in there or turning somersaults! But she really has me wondering what it'll be like a month or two from now, when she can really give me a good kick in the ribs or a mighty punch in the bladder!?! Honestly, the thought makes me smile.

The last couple nights, I've fallen asleep with one hand on my honey-man, and the other on my belly, falling asleep to the movements of our lil' Baby Sweet Potato Girl...

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mrtl said...

Woooo! A baby!!! Long time, no visit, girlfriend. What I've missed!!