Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Truth Comes Out

So, that car I'd hit nearly a couple weeks ago, after I'd left the early-voting polling place? The owner finally emailed me just yesterday, and he let me know that 99% of the damage I'd pointed out on his bumper was all pre-existing damage from an old accident. He thinks that I may have left maybe one tinsy hairline scratch was all, so he had his bumper repaired last week and he doesn't expect me to pay for any of the repairs.

Can you say, 'Hallelujah!?' And how nice of him to be truthful and honest about it, instead of passing the buck my way. And so, I just gotta be more careful in merge lanes!

1 comment:

RzDrms said...

what a testament to humanity. i hope you let him know how fabulous he was. and i'll go ahead and pay it forward for him, if you'd like to tell him that others appreciate his awesomeness. what a post.