Thursday, July 31, 2008

Right Here, Right Now

I had my long awaited sonogram yesterday morning and the results were really REALLY unexpected! I've been a bit dumbfounded by it all (still am), so it took me a while to come here to update...

Rather than blather on about how it all started and what happened blow by blow, like what I was thinking and how I felt and what the sonogram tech said and did, and this and that... Let's cut to the chase: We have a peanut sized fetus with a very strong, very normal, very on target visible heartbeat, a formed spine and 4 tinsy lil' nubbins for beginning limbs. It's size/length and my amniotic fluid volume are all to chart for how far along I am, which is 7 weeks and 2 days... and my due date is St. Paddy's Day.

Despite this unexpected discovery, with such a crazy and stressed start, we're reasonably weary as to what this all means. The day before yesterday though, my honey-man had given me a fabulous pep talk to help me with my state of limbo (he gives such guhoood, calming, grounding pep talks): He told me I should focus upon what I know right now, rather than worry about what I don't know, what I think may happen or what could happen... I know that I am pregnant (hadn't miscarried as expected) and I should focus upon doing what I should knowing that much. Since that pep talk, my mood elevated and I refocused my energy in a more positive direction, focusing upon right now and what I can do right now.

I'll still be meeting with my OB this Friday for a colposcopy to determine if I'm in any real trouble in that regard. I've already been forewarned that if my colposcopy does not clear out the abnormal cells found, my health will come before the pregnancy, and we understand this. I will also get to hear tomorrow what my OB thinks about my sonogram results.

But for right now? I'm totally focusing upon getting better, feeling better and taking care of myself, my family and my peanut. If we get as far as the next sonogram at 18 weeks along, the development of the fetus will be closely scrutinized, as is typical, but some extra tests may be done to determine more conclusively if every thing's normal. However, I will not be living for that benchmark... I'll be living for today, right now.

Thank you again to everyone for their sweet well wishes and support ~


Poppstarr said...


torrie said...

I have my fingers an toes crossed.

You should ask them to do a nuechal translucency at 12 weeks. Waiting until 18 weeks will be brutal.

Daly said...

I don't remember if I've said congratulations to you and honey-man yet; I was too worried about you. If not, congratulations! I'm glad to hear positive news and am sending good vibes that things continue this way. And maybe, just maybe...peanut will arrive five days later so we can party together!!

Emmett and Ashlee said...

Congrats Angie. WE are so excited you are having a little one. I hope you are feeling better. We love you guys.

Susie said...

Back from vacay and coming to check on you. This news sounds very good; I realize it's been a few days. Whatever is going on, it sure sounds like your honey-man gives good advice. xoxox

Sheryl said...

I an so glad to hear things are starting to look up. I hope they keep looking up and that all is well with your colonoscopy (?).

I'm sending you my best healing energy!