Friday, July 25, 2008

Where Did the Last 3 Weeks Go?

I'm home now. I was discharged from the hospital late last night and I've already managed to take two showers. I am happy to finally be home, but it feels awfully surreal. The last 3 weeks are pretty much a blur, this last week having been the fastest streaking fly by this year yet. So far, I feel a little dizzy here and there when I stand, and this morning I found myself in a drippy sweat with little to no effort, simply trying to wipe down the kitchen counters?!? So although I'm home, I'm feeling rather fragile, both physically and emotionally. If anyone were to yell "BOO," I'd probably burst into tears.

I'll be on a potent antibiotic for the next 12 days. And this next week will be a doozey too - -

But let me tell ya, after all this, what sits most prominently crystal in my mind? I've got some pretty devoted friends and family - - I had to recharge my cell phone almost every day, and I swear I had the sweetest smelling room in the entire hospital! The nurses told me so! And now our home is now flooded with the smell of lilies and lavender.

I feel very loved and I feel very fortunate to be so well loved. Thank you to everyone for their sweet get-well wishes and for all the good-healing vibes sent my way! Thank you.


Susie said...

Glad you're home and feeling all the love. Take good care. xoxox

John Hewitt said...

Ya, good to see your cruisin, maybe try to get some sun? Oh, and careful with the flowers if they are in vases for a while, I learned that pseudomonas bacteria loves to breed or grow there.I did way too much time in hospitals....