Friday, July 31, 2009

I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie

On Wednesday, I was in the office for the morning staying late into the afternoon, but I got the chance to see and talk with a few friends. Of course, baby milestones were often the topic of discussion, which included the telling of how our baby-girlie will not laugh or giggle for anyone but her big brother, the angel boy-O. At one point one of my friends asked a very good question, something along the lines of just how slap stick are my efforts to illicit a baby laugh? I had thought I'd been trying hard enough, but she brought up a good reference for comparison... Think Ross and Rachel from the TV show Friends and the episode during which they both sing "I Like Big Butts" as the magic key to unlock their baby girl's giggles.

So I got home late that afternoon with mah own baby-girlie, and with resolute determination I went into the motions of making sure all her needs were met in order to ensure the fairest laughter-coducive conditions were met: I fed her, made sure she was well burped, changed her diaper, gave her a dry bib to wear, handed her favorite blankey, and placed her in her vibe chair. Then, standing in front of her, complete with bad dance moves, I sang "I Got Big Butts" and [drumroll please] SHE FINALLY LAUGHED FOR ME!


alicia said...

Super funny. I'll have to see if I can't find that old episode now. The mental picture is enough to make me laugh.

Poppstarr said...