Thursday, July 09, 2009

Big Time Feat for Baby Girl!

This morning, before everyone had to head out to their respective destinations for the day, we --that'd be me, the angel boy-O and my honey-man-- were all at home at just the right moment to witness our baby sweet potato's greatest accomplishment yet, other than her arrival into this world, of course [drumroll please]: SHE ROLLED OVER!

Yup, her very first time! And man, she's been a totally wiggle worm since! I laid her on her activity mat this afternoon, the length of her body perpendicular to one of the sides. She would up somehow rotating the length of her entire body clockwise, over 180 degrees from where she'd been set, and then she rolled over into one of the overhead support arches, stuck against the corner post attachment. For about 5 minutes she tried to free herself on her own, but eventually issued a high pitched squawk demanding a swift rescue. Yup, my growing baby girl rolled over all on her own and she's becoming mobile... *sniff, sniff* *deep sigh* She's growing so fast.

At the same time today, it's become glaringly apparent there's noooo way we can simply set her on or into anything like her vibe chairs or swings, not without strapping her in tight for good measure. If we don't do so, she throws her tummy upward, fiercely arching her back, while twisting her hips to the left, and kicking her right leg upward and over to the left. Yeah, so far she's only tried this same move a couple times while at the diaper changing table, but I suspect it will become a regular occurence very soon. That will be fun (NOT). Life's gunna be a bit trickier once this baby girl becomes mobile, and boy, is she eager for that day to come! Our sweet potato girl wants to be on the move, and she doesn't want to be strapped down, I tell ya! It was about 3 weeks ago when she first began to use her entire body to physically protest against her car seat carrier, not only grabbing at the straps, but nearly throwing herself out of the seat, arching her back while sinking downward, kicking her feet, nearly slidding out of the damn thing, the lil' stinker...

By the way, I find both her vocal and her physical protests to be incredibily cute, and I often giggle at her frustrated efforts to escape whatever it is she's protesting. Yeah, she's purty cute no matter what she's up to. Have I mentioned we've decided to keep her?

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