Monday, July 13, 2009

Giggles and Laughter Ensue

Last night the angel boy-O and his lil' sweet potato sister shared their first bath together. We had her set in her lil' pink bathtime lounge chair with the angel boy-O siting in the tub directly in front of her. As he poured the first bucket of water over his dry head and the water cascaded down and off the ends of his hair, something magical happened that we hadn't yet ever heard before: Our baby sweet potato girl let out a squeal followed by GIGGLES and LAUGHTER! And we all looked at one another, all wide-eyed, and then we all freaked out, totally delighted! ~ She laughed! And promptly thereafter, the boy-O was trying again and again, most valiantly to elicit the same darling response from her, just as cute!

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