Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kitty Fa-Fa-Fascination

Months ago, as young as 6 weeks old, our baby sweet potato girlie began her fascinated with our cats, Otis and Owen. She'd stare at them, watch them move, crane her head for a glimpse, and she'd make her cute little 'oh-my-goodness' face with her tiny mouth held in a perfect open "O" whenever Otis came within a foot of her, and she'd either shake with excitement , or she'd freeze, absolutely transfixed, with her little eyes bugged so large and wide I was ready for them to pop out!

Now that our little jellybean can grab for and hold most the things she wants, she is now grabbing after Otis, of course. She'd be grabbing after Owen too, but he never gives her the chance... yeah, Owen ain't that dumb, nor is he quite that desperate... It is because Otis is always vying for cuddles that our baby girlie was recently given the chance to successfully pulled tufts of kitty fluff from his backside!

This past Tuesday afternoon, taking a break from work, she was sitting on my lap while Otis was walking back and forth, crossing over my knees. As he did this, mah baby girlie was brushing her little hands all over him, making her 'oh-my-goodness' face, trembling with excitement, and trying her darnedest to sink her tiny spread fingers into his fur for a good grip. Once she happily held a small wad of undercoat in her right hand, about to bring it to her mouth, Otis quickly turned around and beginning with the side of his head, he leaned into her and swiped the entire length of his body across her little drooly face! If I'd had my camera that moment, it would have been sooooo grrreat! She was COVERED IN CAT HAIR! and the hair had reallllly stuck best to her wet chubby cheeks. I laughed so hard as she wrinkled her nose and coughed and coughed, shaking her head. I tried first to clean her up with a washcloth, but I ultimately had to give her a bath to remove all the fine cat hairs. And Otis? He was trying to clean up all the baby drool in his fur for nearly 20 minutes of licking.

By the way, since the freakishly hot Vegas summer first began heating up in May and Otis and Owen then began exploding fur, shedding like crazy, I've had to routinely check for and remove fine cat hairs caught in mah darling jellybean's chubby neck rolls on a daily basis!

So anyhow, yeah, despite any fur pulling or the near whisker-removal swipes of her baby hands, so far Otis doesn't seem to mind our baby girlie's kitty fascination, although I'm certain Otis doesn't approve of all that baby drool.

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