Monday, July 13, 2009

Scheduling Kitty Time or Else

Our poor lil' Otis hasn't been getting what he's used to these days due to the fact that there's often a baby in our arms now. And with my blogging less and less, he's missing even more of the individual cuddle time he used to enjoy just a couple months ago with the baby's arrival. Desperate for the attention he craves and misses, we often find him plopping his body atop our feet (happens at least three times more often than it did in our pre-baby days!), winding in and out between our legs (happens 5 times more often!), and wrapping himself round our ankles (happens a gazillion times more often than pre-baby times!!!)... and he tries now to do it all while we are trying to WALK! = DANGEROUS!! The very worst is whenever he runs and darts up the stairs between our moving feet as we're making our way up the stairs with the baby in our arms!

Yesterday afternoon, the most feared finally happened... Otis ran up the stairs after my honey-man, who was carrying our girlie, and Otis found himself literally underfoot. My honey-man had squarely placed a foot atop Otis and his knee jerk reaction was to recoil his foot and collapse as his balance was then seriously thrown off, rather than carry through the taken step and break Otis' back. And so, as Otis let out a horrifying yowl of pain and fright, my honey-man fell on the stairs with our lil' girlie. Makes me stomach churn just thinking about it! Anyhow, although it scared her badly and she bawled her lil' eyes out, the two of them and Otis, they are all fine, thank goodness!

So it's official: From now on, we've decided we're going to have to give Otis at least a half hour of concentrated cuddle-kitty time each day. Yup, a full 1/2 hour for a cat in order to stave off any desperate kitty behavior that may result in the tripping of a baby-carrying adult! Otis is actually on my lap right now while I"m typing (as I check the clock to see how I'm doing with my kitty-time). Wish us luck!

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Cindy said...


Sorry to hear about Otis kitty's desperation and attempts for attention. Planning 'kitty time' with him is a great idea - I hope it works to all of your advantage.

I'm enjoying the stories of your life with the new baby. She sounds like a sweetheart and I can tell you're loving every minute with her - congrats!

Take care and hope things get better with merging working outside the home and enjoying your baby girl and homelife!