Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cleaning the Drain Daily

So, in case you haven't ever heard about this before, it's apparently quite common to lose a lot of your hair after birthing your baby... Yeah, I had thought I missed that boat, but for the past three weeks now, what's been happening to me can only best be described as shedding. I'm nearly as bad as the cats! And this is all while I'm trying to grow out my short hair, so the hairs are longer than they would have been 5 months ago. I'm quite certain too that I'm nearing the awkward and ugly phase of the grow-out. My hair won't do anything for me anymore unless I utilize a deadly combo of hair products intended to defy gravity. As it is, I hardly ever remember to even look at my hair these days (although my bangs do constantly hang in my eyes now), so the hope that I will 'do' my hair is pretty hopeless.

Not until the afternoon did I get out of the house today, in order to mail off a box of the boy-O's forgotten items and to feed my Popstar's doggie n' her fishes. I had planned to visit the Verizon store as well --my Blackberry won't make a single peep anymore and it's not a mute or profile selection issue!?-- but I finally caught a glance of myself in my drivers door window and realized I hadn't done a thing to my hair since I'd wet it down this morning at 6am.Yeah.

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alicia said...

I didn't notice the hair thing until about 8 weeks post and then it came out by the handfuls in the shower. Pretty normal. Not to worry. You won't lose all your hair. Sounds like you are officially a mom now. When your world becomes more about the little one in your life it's offical, at least according to me. You'll find a balance soon though.