Tuesday, August 04, 2009


So, I can't remember if I've mentioned this already or not, but while we were in Montreal, our baby sweet potato girl decided she doesn't think it's cool anymore to sleep through the night. Half way through our trip, she began waking at least once, if not twice, each night, usually between midnight and four in the morning, and each time she woke up, she was ravenous! And since we got home this past Monday, she's really been throwin' me for a loop...

Last night was the craziest yet, WAY, WAY, WAY worse than when she was a newbie newborn! She went to bed at her usual 8am, and she woke at 10pm (hungry), 11:30pm (bad diaper, which was usual for that time of night), 1:30am (hungry again), 3am (hungry yet again), 5am (hungry again, I kid you not), and then 6am (hungry yet again!) and she stayed up for the rest of the morning and she refused to take more than a 20 minute cat nap before two in the afternoon, at which time, she slept for an hour n' a half, during which time, I had to work. Around 3pm, I fed her and tried to nap with her for a half hour, but it was only enough to really tease me was all.

Both the night and day before were much the same. And this is after coming home from 10 days in Montreal, which was a very lovely and relaxing trip I do hope to write more about later on, but it was also the beginning of this ridiculous sleeplessness... the last 72 hours have been brutal. I am mush. And my honey-man left this morning for a conference in New Orleans and he won't be home until Sunday. And so, I am now signing off to go straight away to bed, no joke. Ga'night!

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