Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Day

It rained today. No downpour, but a nearly constant drizzle throughout the day, and although it ruined our plans for a hike at Red Rock this morning, I enjoyed our having some weather here. Rain is rare thing in Las Vegas.

The sun went down almost two hours ago, and the house feels cold right now. I'm feeling thankful that I had the idea to bring out our flannel bedsheets from the linen closet this past Saturday night. The boy-O flew home today, late afternoon, so there's a severely subdued mood about our home tonight, as usual the day he leaves us, but our baby sweet potato girl went down for bed without a peep nearly an hour ago, and once I post this lil' post of blather, I'm looking forward to heading upstairs to take a nice, hot bath while I read my latest Brazelton childcare book on discipline. I plan to hop into bed, into those flannel sheets, by 9pm.

I'm so grateful for our home and our good health and our good fortune, and for all our friends and family. I'm grateful for our life together and all that we have and enjoy. I wish we had more time to enjoy it all.

I don't feel psychologically ready for this week to begin. I don't even want to think about tomorrow. The weekends always fly by way too quickly, especially the ones during which we have the angel boy-O. I miss him already.

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