Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy Weekend Planned with the Boy-O

The angel boy-O flies in tomorrow around 5:30pm, and we've got a fully packed weekend - - nothing super major, but it's gunna be non-stop.

As soon as he walks in the door tomorrow night, we'll have dinner on the couch with a dvd - - one of his favorite things to do... always involves lots of microwave popcorn too! Saturday, after what will be a big breakfast at home, we have plans from 10:30am until 4pm. We'll then be home for dinner, and thereafter, the boy-O and his dad will be spending some father-and-son time together at a 7pm UNLV basketball game. I could be wrong, but I think it may the be the boy-O's first college arena basketball game ever. Sunday morning, we have a brunch date with friends, followed by a mid-day movie matinee. And my sister will be joining us for dinner around 5pm that Sunday night. And Monday morning, we'll be meeting friends at Red Rock for a morning hike followed by a picnic lunch together. We'll then have to get the boy-O to the airport by no later than 1:00pm in order for him to fly out on time around 3pm, headed back to Utah.

This weekend is going to fly by, I know it. Always happens, but it always goes too fast when the angel boy-O is here.

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