Thursday, October 08, 2009

My Poor lil' Happy-Go-Lucky Sicky Baby, Not So Happy

My poor lil' baby girl, she's still sick and now? Now she's got a tinsy-tiny ear infection brewing in each ear, so she's on antibiotics as of today. BTW, she is such a good lil' medicine taker! No refusals, no gagging, no spitting, no choking, nor spraying. She just sucks it right up from the medicine syringe. Such a good girl... over the last 24 hours though, she's not quite the happy-go-lucky sicky baby anymore. Well, not compared to how she's been for the past 5 weeks of sickidom. You can tell now that she's really not feelin' so hot: She's a lot more snotty; a lot more stuffed up; she's coughing more; she makes these pitiful, sad little moaning noises here and there throughout the day and night, particularly during her naptimes. Speaking of naptime, today's naps were absolutely futile - - no more than 15 minutes here and there. There's been some impromptu wailing and crying out in the night while she's asleep, and she has a hard time settling back down on her own every time. During the day, there's a lot of what we call "cranking." (I'll explain later, as "cranking" deserves its own post.) She's still quite the lil' trooper, but her eyes are watery and she's just, well, she seems sad. And she wants to be held and held some more... and my back is still very fragile right now. I won't go into that though, not right now either.

Come dinner time, she was very perky in her high chair once her mangoes-loaded spoon finally hit her little open mouth (she was screeching before that happened), and like her usual self, she was delighted with her bath time (First time bathing in the kitchen sink without her infant bathing tub!!!)... but she was soooo tired. Despite her being so happy to take a bath, she looked like she was going to pass out after just 5 minutes! And she went to bed so easily, absolutely no fuss. But 3 hours ago, she had me scared and getting nervous...

We laid her down for bed and a couple hours later, she was hot and flushed with a fever of 101.4. It was 10pm-ish by then, and I was about to feed her, so I told my honey-man I'd retake her temp after she was done. In less than 20 minutes' time, she was at 102.4 and climbing. And then? Well, I gave her some infant ibuprofen and her temp was down to 98.8 within 30 minutes.

So, am I feeling better now that that last fever came and went so quickly? Um, well, it's after 1:00am, and I'm still awake, and I'm blogging... just take a guess. I'm listening to every sniffling snuffle, every raspy exhalation, each and every lil' heart-breaking cough, and I'm getting zero sleep. I'm wired outta my utterly exhausted mind, and having blowing my own nose every 15 minutes as gently as I can to avoid a coughing fit that'll send my back into a spasm(s), and on top of it all, I'm sad, really, really sad.

But I can't got into that right now either.

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