Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Poor lil' Happy-Go-Lucky Sicky Baby

Sooo, my lil' sweet potato girl has been in daycare for a month now, and she's basically been sick for over 2 weeks now as well. I actually think her first cold ended early last week, but she picked up something new in time for this past weekend. As I type, I can hear both the two humidifiers we have running in her bedroom and her snotty breathing via the baby monitor. Anyhow, whatever she gets, we get it too. She's our very own little petri dish, growing lovely cultures she must bring home and share with us!

I have to say though (and this is really why I'm writing), she's been a remarkably resilient little sicky babe!?! Each and every morning she wakes up unable to breath through that tiny nosey of hers, yet she's smiling and downright perky as could be! My sister had babysat for us Sunday night, and she was amazed at how SICK AND HAPPY she is. Her head teacher in her daycare group has also noted several times that although she's sick, she sure is a happy baby despite how she may feel. It's unbelievable to me. I was expecting total misery ahead when it first became apparent she was getting sick, but other than the general worry and concern for her care and health, she hasn't behaved at all like she's sick and miserable. I'm not kidding -- The girlie is sick and she is sooo happy -! ?! The past few days I've been sick, I've been... well, I've been anything but happy. Time to learn from my own tiny-darling daughter's example, eh?

Man, she's just so delighted with each new day. How did I get to be so lucky?

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