Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"No Honey, Fifty-TWO, not Fifty-six"

My honey-man and I were just discussing the paperwork required to establish a flexible spending account for the pre-tax payment of our dear daughter's oh-so-crazy-expensive daycare costs, and we were trying to determine the annual cost value, and any no-daycare holiday weeks, etc., etc., and what not. At one point, we were both about to calculate the projected annual cost by simply multiplying the regular weekly $ amount by the number of weeks in a year, naturally...

Me: "So, $215 per week times 56..."

Mah honey-man: (he interrupts me) "Um, no honey, it's 52, not 56. There are 52 weeks in a year."

Me: (with an impatient and insistent tone) "Nooo, it's 56." (and I immediately open a web browser window to google the answer, speaking my inquiry as I type the words...) "How many weeks in a year?" (and the answer comes up...)

Me again: "What?! FIFTY-TWO??? 52?!?!! For years -- YEARS!!! -- for, for like, FOREVER, I've always thought it was FIFTY-SIX!!?! 52?"

Mah honey-man: (dying from laughter) "Honey, how many days are in a year?"

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LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good share. -Kashmir