Friday, October 23, 2009

Positively Exhausted

I don't know what the heck is goin' on with our baby sweet potato girl, but man, she was up FOUR TIMES last night...?!? And the night before, it was three times... and the night before that, also three times. She wasn't this bad as a constantly hungry newborn! She wasn't particularly cranky last night whenever she woke, but she wouldn't go back to sleep on her own, not once.

Now that she's been feeling better, no longer sick n' snotty, we're trying to get her back to sleeping flat in her crib, without being propped in her vibe chair... We NEVER used the vibration setting, but if she'd wake or kick or move, it'd bounce and I think she got hooked. Hence, she doesn't know how to "self-sooth" herself back to sleep anymore = that's my theory for now.

I feel like I'm operating with my head in a vice (headache), in a cloud (can't think), and everyone's talking into paper cups (can't focus on what anyone says to me), BUHHT I'm in a pretty dang good mood, nonetheless, hence the use of "positively" for this post's title. Yeah, I'm feelin' uber happy right now, cuz, #1) Friday makes for slow foot traffic throughout the work day, so I actually get a lot done, and #2) because it's Friday, that means the weekend is here! And #3) I finally get to spend more than 2 freakin' hours with my daughter due to the weekend's blessed arrival!!! I have 45 minutes until I can leave n' go claim my lil' pumpkin!

I'm gunna eat chubby babyfat rolls all weekend long! WOO-HOO!


San said...

Happy to hear things are going well :)

Poppstarr said...

I notice that whenever there is a change in sleeping, eating or behavior there is usually a growth spurt happening. :) oxoxoxoxo miss you guys!

Save some chub for me!

Anonymous said...

She most likely is teething.....IF she is drooling more and biting on her fingers, then she is. During the day, babies have so much entertainment that they forget they are hurting. When they go to sleep and the stimulation is gone, they feel the pain.