Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh So Handy Post-Preggers Convenience

After we came home from the hospital with our lil' wee one, we slept downstairs on the pull-out couch until our lil' jellybean was two weeks old. We did this to help me avoid having to use the stairs, up to our bedroom, post-c-section. During that time and the month after, I had this first basket beside me wherever I was camped out for the day, and the smaller one went with me whenever I left the room. Keeping my essentials close to me via these two baskets made it easy to not only keep track of everything, to have it all in two primary stash spots, rather than spread about me, but to also easily reach whatever I needed whenever it was needed. It was very handy to be able to grab the basket handles from whereever I sat, and to also loop the handles over my arm, allowing me to bring my lil' things along with me as I carried other things, like my new baby. I'm still using the smaller of the two baskets today.

The contents of the featured blue Easter basket, aka 'Mah Post-Pregnancy Essentials Basket': 1) Spray bottle hung from the side for the kitties (it serves as a deterrent we use to keep them off the kitchen table and counters); 2) the bless-ed Itzbeen (strategically clipped to the basket handle so I could view it at all times); 3) box of tissue (for the obvious reasons, plus all the hormonal crying); 4) my PDA (to have and record all my numbers and stats handy); 5) camera batteries charger (I was taking A LOT of pictures!!!); 6) nail filing kit (keepin' my nails short for baby handling); 7) hand lotion (keepin' my hands soft for baby handling); 8) lanolin (I didn't need it as much as I was told I would, but that's because we got 'a good latch' started before we came home from the hospital); 9) polysporin (this was more important to me); 10) nipple shields (only used 'em 4 or 5 times - - were real messy, but rreeeeal helpful when I didn't want anything touching me!); 11) 3 pairs of nursing pads at all times (and restocked almost daily); 12) my meds (which I took as prescribed by the hour for the first 10 days post-delivery without ever trying to go without, as I'd been counseled to do and boy am I glad I did!); 13) lip balm (I HAD TO HAVE IT); and lastly, 14) ummm (clearing my throat), a small bottle of Colace (what's that? -- it's the much needed stool softener I had to take for over a week... Sorry, but it's true! It was an absolute must-have post-c-section)!

This is the smaller basket that always went with me everywhere, which I still use. It holds a spare binky, a pen, my phone (this pic shows my old cell phone, as I now have a nifty Blackberry my parents gave me so I could send them regular pics and texts of their grand-daughter!), my wallet and digicam, and an extra pair of camera batteries.


Daly said...

Is it me or is the handle of that basket WAY long? I love that filagree card holder thingie of yours!

alicia said...

Way organized. Btw, I sent you an email a while back and I realized the other day I'm not even sure if you use that email any more. I don't know if I got it on here or FB. Let me know if you ever got my message.