Monday, June 25, 2012

She's Here Now and 2 Weeks Old Already

So, I haven't been online much since the arrival of our new lil' addition to our family, who is, by the way, 2 weeks old as of today and is totally adorable - - I cannot lie, she's gorgeous! And she is a ridiculously effortless baby, no less.  Yup, she's sooo easy - - easy peasey, lemon-squeezy, as our lil' Jellybean would say.

Since her arrival I've been posting stuff to Facebook via my Blackberry, but that's been about it until today.  Plus, I never really had the chance to write much about my pregnancy, compared to my first -with or without comparisons really- and I've missed writing anything about my repeat c-section or the past 2 weeks' time. 

For now, I'll just say that I've spent the last 2 weeks trying hard to not repeat the same mistakes I'd made after Jellybean's c-section delivery.  Consequently, my coming and goings have been strictly limited, including my ability to sit up in bed with a laptop.  Due to my diligent determination to rest and take things slowly, I stopped taking my pain meds this past Saturday at midnight, to be exact, and although it's slowed me down some (which is NOT a bad thing), I'm much improved and I'm clearly on my way to a solid recovery, which will include some backlogged blogging.

Lastly, our lil' darling daughter arrived June 11th, 2012, Monday morning at 8am, sharp. The cesarean delivery was flawless, as is she.  As for her full name, it's got two Vs, three I's, two N's, 5 E's, 2 M's, two L's and two T's - she's gunna complain when she's old enough to write it all out, I'm sure!

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