Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Retelling of Our Day

After getting my lil' pee wee home today, after only her 2nd day spent in a new class group --she's utterly exhausted from all the excitement of being in a new class-- We'd had dinner, had a shower, gotten our PJs on, brushed teeth, and read 6 books together, and then it was lights out, at which time, we rocked together in her bedroom's rocking chair, recounting the day's events while I tickled her back and her right arm. At some point in my retelling of her day, my mind began to drift towards my own bed, and I think I may have let myself ramble off topic, but not for long, as she turned right 'round to me, looking puzzled, and she asked me, "Mommie, what are you talking about?"

Good to know she's paying attention.

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