Thursday, March 26, 2015

That Voice in Their Head Will Be Mine

So, our super smartie daughter is now a sassy six year old - - and I'm trying to wrap my head around it... how the time has flown by so fast. Cliche, I know, but SOOOO freakin' true!

The boy-O will be 17 this summer... Our Juli-bean, aka Sweet Potato, she's now 6, and our little Nacho baby will be 3 years old in a couple months. I'm 40 years old. And my honey-man, he's HALF A CENTURY OLD now (snickering, as I love to tease him) = he's 50 years old!?!

I'm not where I thought I'd be at 40. Yeah, I know, deal with it - and I am, I'm trying to deal with it.

A couple months ago I found a graphic online, probably via Facebook. It's essentially a diagram that asks, "Are You Happy?" - - if yes, an arrow points around the way to "Keep doing what you're doing," and if not, "Change something."

Something has gotta change.

I'm concerned that I'm teaching my kids how to worry, how to obsess, how to be overly concerned, how to not take care of your physical and emotional well being, how to be impatient, how to let a bad day at work ruin my night, how to let a bad day ruin my week; I'm teaching them how to let a poor attitude shroud everything good.  Okay, maybe some exaggeration there, but I do know this... as they grow older and they move more out of my grasp of influence, the voice they'll often hear when faced with a challenge, it will still be my voice in their heads. And that voice will either tell them that they can't handle it, or that they can. I want -I need- my voice to be a can-do voice of self-empowerment!

And so I've gotta own my choices, past, present and future, and take on an attitude of self-empowerment, in order for me to impart such an attitude for my children.  Time to step up my game. Amen.

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