Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I'm Back! - kinda

Wow. I don't think I've logged into this blog for nearly two years? It's been a long, long time... and I've realized that without taking some time to write about it, whether it be to share some forgettable dithering, or my personal epiphanies, time is passing by quickly. I don't remember as much as I had before, when I used to take time to write, to reflect in writing.

For the last two years, so much of my time is spent doing for others, namely, my darling family, but I need something of my own beyond Facebook time.  I do enjoy Facebook, but it's not as, um, sufficient. Here, I can tout my opinions and be silly and be this or that, and it's not for all my 'friends' to see... not unless they, or anyone else, chooses to come here.

Lately, I feel the need to renew some past 'selfish' practices, to recreate something of my own in my life that's for me. Although blogging is a public format, I always felt it was for me.

We'll see how this goes, I guess.  And have a Happy New Year!

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San said...

Happy new year, Annejelynn! Wouldn't mind reading from you more often again :)