Saturday, November 03, 2012

Can't Complain

I have three particular friends in mind, all of whom nearly never complain, no matter what's going wrong for them - -

One friend in particular, she really could lodge some very, VERY valid complaints against life.  Whenever I try to persuade or all out push her to vent, thinking she must need to with all that she has on her plate, I almost always get nothing from her - - She's sooo focused on all the good things in her life despite the rest; sooo incredibly grateful for what she does enjoy, rather than waste her energy complaining about what she doesn't want or doesn't have.

She often serves me as a major reality check, if and when I ever find myself pouting. Memories of my own mum also serve me in the same way, indeed.

I'm so grateful for my dear friends and family who serve as voices of hope and love, optimism and positive outlook, resilience and perseverance, and all that good stuff that makes the world go round!

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