Sunday, December 18, 2011

That DVD Mommie Tried to Veto, but She Got to See it Anyhow

Isn't it funny how kids can seem absolutely unimpressed and totally unaffected by something or someone, and then, much later on, even after months and months have passed, sumthin' happens and you find out that not only were they paying close attention, their feelings about the matter/person are quite strong.


Mikal's Life said...

Ok I'm taking the bait...what DVD and who does she have strong feelings about?

Annejelynn said...

lol - it was Hercules - - I knew Hades and the death concepts would absolutely freak her out. Although I did get her daddy and brother to agree it was inappropriate after a mere 15 minutes of the movie played, she remembers EVERYTHING about it and told me she had a bad dream about Hades.