Friday, November 19, 2010

"Holy Crap!"

The day has finally come: She now repeats the things we say, word for word. Um, yeah, this means the time has come finally to keep it all reeally squeaky clean!

This week we had a few 'oh no, oh no, no, no' moments when one of us had said something we shouldn't have said within earshot of the girlie, and we'd immediately hear her precise echo response. She repeated each of the following gems this past week alone:

God dammit

Oh Shit

F*** - - That came outta her dear father, of course, and he dropped that bomb while holding her in his arms, no less - - However, this was an exceptional moment in that not only is that not something he has ever done while holding his own daughter, or any other child for that matter, but it also happened in the moment we'd discovered we had just hit an enormous wall with something we had underway this week (buying a new car).

Holy Crap -this is my favorite so far because not only did she repeat it perfectly, she mimicked the exact way it had been spoken.


Oh Hell -and she said this one with 100% sunshine in her lil' voice and with a gargantuan smile spread across her bright lil' mug.

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