Tuesday, April 06, 2010


After work today, after I'd picked up our baby sweet potato girlie from her school, we met my honey-man for dinner somewhere nearby. For the past two months now, this has been our Tuesday night ritual, however, what happened once we got home, not exactly so.

I was home with the girlie by 5:40pm, and although I really should have given her nothing more than a quickie dip in the kitchen sink, we lazed around and took our sweet time in the tub for nearly an hour. And we read 5 books instead of 3 (and I read 2 of the 5 books twice). And instead of laying her down in her crib semi-awake before she'd totally doze off in my arms, I rocked her to sleep and held her for at least a half hour before finally laying her down in her crib come 7:30pm. I just wanted more time.

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