Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toothie Numba Three

Our baby sweet potato girl finally has another tooth coming in! Yes everyone, please welcome baby toothie numba three into the world! Top n' center, to the left (her right)! Discovered the growing lil' nubbin, barely visible, a moment ago while getting her dressed for the day... She'd offered something to me for me to take with my teeth, and then I offered it back to her with my own fingers - - she took the item and a finger of mine with her own mouth and so, I got a little bite in return and it was then I felt the new tooth emerging in her gums.

In retrospect, considering all the teething drama we've endured over the last several months since her first bottom, two front teeth made their arrival, you'd think she'd have a mouthful of toothies by now!?

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